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LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy is a non-invasive, gentle treatment which targets various skin conditions from ageing skin to acne.

LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy is a non-invasive, gentle treatment which targets various skin conditions from ageing skin to acne.

What is LED light therapy?

LED light therapy is a non-invasive, gentle treatment which is suitable for all skin types. The different wavelengths of LED therapy can penetrate to different depths in the skin to target various skin conditions from ageing skin to acne.

How it works:

We often associate exposure to light with negative effects such as skin ageing and photo-damage, but light also has many positive influences on our bodies.
It helps us produce vitamin D, provides energy and serotonin, encourages cell growth and can rejuvenate collagen in your skin. The spectrum of light is divided into those you can see, such as red and blue light, and those you can’t, such as UV and near-infrared.

The differences between the positive and negative effects of light are the amounts and the parts of that spectrum to which you’re exposed. Different types of light stimulate different responses, so while ongoing exposure to UV is very damaging, controlled levels of specific wavelengths of near-infrared, blue and red light are clinically proven to be beneficial in rejuvenating skin and resolving problem skin conditions.

LED light therapy is pain free and suitable for all skin types. Each treatment lasts for around 20 minutes and is usually part of a course – it is pleasant and relaxing experience.

Red Light THERAPY:

Stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis.
Reduce fine lines.
Improve complexion, texture and tone.
Increase natural hydration.
Stimulate circulation and lymphatic system.
Revitalise and restore radiance.

Blue Light THERAPY:

ACNE: Blue light is an excellent help to those who suffer from Acne who and may be afraid of harsher treatments and medications. Used in conjunction with targeted acne products and treatments Blue Light Therapy is an effective treatment for acne. This is used with the combination of red, blue and near-infrared wavelengths and targets spot prone skin and redness.

Helps kill bacteria that causes Acne or spot.
Kills Bacteria in active spots.
Helps calm redness.
Calms inflammation.

LED Light Therapy at a Glance

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What can be treated with LED light therapy?

As there are varying types of light, the treatment can be tailored to treat a range of skin conditions including:
• Ageing skin
• Pigmentation
• Rosacea
• Eczema
• Psoriasis
• Scars
• Sun damaged skin

What is involved in the treatment?

The treatment will start with cleansing and exfoliation of the skin.

The LED light mask will be placed over your face and colour wavelengths appropriate for your skin treatment will penetrate the skin surface. The light will stimulate your skin cells to encourage the heeling process.

A cool serum will then be applied with sunscreen. There is no downtime with this treatment and you should see some results immediately as your skin appears more radiant and glowing.

How long will results last?

Results should be seen immediately, however skin condition will improve in time as your skin heels and with the continued use of products within your treatment plan.

LED light therapy will show optimum results after a full course of treatment, however this differs between each individual. Every patient is different; skin condition, age and lifestyle are all factors.

Before any treatment, Manara patients see one of our Aesthetic experts to determine the best product and treatment options

The Manara Method

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Dr. Eithne BrennerAesthetic Doctor & Medical Director of Manara Skin Clinics


A guide price for LED light therapy starts from €50.  Your exact treatment cost will be confirmed at your consultation based on your individual needs.

Before and after

Before your treatment

Before you come for your treatment, please read our standard preparation advice. There is no specific additional preparation required for this treatment.

Following your treatment

Following your treatment your skin will be red and sensitive to touch. It may feel like light sunburn, which is perfectly normal. You should avoid very hot water, intense sun or a sunbed for a few days following your treatment.

What our patients think?

  • “Very welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, but most of all you don’t feel rushed when discussing your treatment.”

  • “I was with Dr Eithne and she was fantastic. I would highly recommend her services.”