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IPL - Photo-Rejuvenation

IPL photo rejuvenation uses advanced technology to pass light waves through the skin tissue to target a range of skin conditions.

IPL - Photo-Rejuvenation

IPL photo rejuvenation uses advanced technology to pass light waves through the skin tissue to target a range of skin conditions.

What is IPL photo rejuvenation?

Thread Vein Removal

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Thread Vein Removal is a quick and simple treatment to remove fine thread veins and general facial redness. Using a process known as photo rejuvenation, we use light energy to selectively treat the thread veins, whilst ensuring that we don’t affect the surrounding tissue. At Faceworks, we use the latest IPL system – the Oculus. In addition, our IPL & Laser specialists have passed a specific VTCT qualification in order for them to safely and effectively use IPL for thread vein treatment. This means you can be sure of safer and more effective results for thread veins.

Treatment Areas:
· Facial Redness/Rosacea Treatment

· Facial Thread Vein Removal

· Décolletage and Neck.

Pigmentation/Age Spot Removal

Pigmentation can occur for a variety of reasons including exposure to the sun, genetics, hormonal changes, medical conditions and trauma to the skin (such as burns or as a result of picking at spots). The effects can also become more obvious as we age and if left untreated and unprotected can worsen. The most common areas for pigmentation changes to occur are on the face, neck, décolletage and hands.

Treatment Areas:

· Facial Pigmentation Removal

· Neck & Décolletage Pigmentation Removal

· Hands & Arms.

Skin Rejuvenation

IPL treatment can stimulate collagen formation which can result in skin tightening and reduced lines and wrinkles. It is also used to improve skin texture, reduce pore size, reduce age spots/ pigmentation and treat rosacea.

Treatment Areas:

· Facial Rejuvenation

· Neck & Décolletage Rejuvenation

IPL at a Glance

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What can be treated with IPL photo rejuvenation?

Intense Pulse Light photo rejuvenation can treat skin conditions on the face, neck and hands, most specifically:

• Fine lines and wrinkles
• Rosacea
• Pigmentation
• Thread veins
• Sun spots
• Melasma

What is involved in the treatment?

The hand held IPL device is pressed onto the skin to emit intense light pulses or waves which pass through the skin epidermis and stimulate the production of collagen. A wide range of light waves can be used to target varying skin conditions as the light pulses are absorbed to reduce redness and the appearance of skin imperfections.

The treatment area will be cleansed and you will be given eye protection to protect your eyes from the light. The treatment is non-invasive and offers little discomfort, although you may feel a slight heat sensation as the device emits light pulses into the skin. Your skin may be slightly red or sensitive to touch following the treatment.

How long will results last?

Results will start to show after 3 to 6 treatments, however this differs between each individual. Every patient is different; skin condition, age and lifestyle are all factors in the level of results achieved and the on-going management of the condition. Skin conditions should be greatly reduced in appearance or eliminated completely.

Before any treatment, Manara patients see one of our Aesthetic experts to determine the best product and treatment options

The Manara Method

“Advancements in technology have enabled the development of non-invasive treatments that are truly effective at targeting key skin conditions with no downtime”

Dr. Eithne BrennerAesthetic Doctor & Medical Director of Manara Skin Clinics


The price from one session of Intense Pulse Light (IPL) photo rejuvenation starts from €120. Your exact treatment cost will be confirmed at your consultation based on your individual needs.

Before and after

Before your treatment

Before you come for your treatment, please read our standard preparation advice. There is no specific additional preparation required for this treatment.

Following your treatment

Following your treatment your skin will be red and sensitive to touch. It may feel like light sunburn, which is perfectly normal. You should avoid very hot water, intense sun or a sunbed for a few days following your treatment.

What our patients think?

  • “Very welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, but most of all you don’t feel rushed when discussing your treatment.”

  • “I was with Dr Eithne and she was fantastic. I would highly recommend her services.”