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Face Sculpting

Using our expertise in injectables, we can help you achieve the face shape you want

Face Sculpting

Using our expertise in injectables, we can help you achieve the face shape you want

What is Face Sculpting?

Previously, facial sculpting was exclusively achieved through surgical procedures. Recent advances in dermal and sub-dermal fillers combined with increased skills of Medical Aesthetic Practitioners, has meant that substantial improvements in your appearance can be achieved quickly, safely and at a substantially lower financial outlay.The softer, more relaxed appearance that is achieved through the use of Dermal Fillers contrasts to the somewhat ‘pulled’ appearance of patients who have had surgical procedures. 

The volume occupying properties of Dermal Fillers is used to replace lost sub-dermal fat and to elevate the lateral brow, the mid-face and other areas. The injection process restores the youthful characteristics of the face without the need for expensive invasive surgery, with less inconvenience and almost no complications. Using Dermal Fillers for facial rejuvenation requires not only knowledge of specific fillers used, but also a deep insight into the process and anatomy of aging.

Dermal Filler treatments can be combined with Anti-Wrinkle Injections and other complimentary procedures quite easily.

Face Sculpting at a Glance

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What can be treated with Face Sculpting?

Face sculpting treatment is useful in the case of conditions such as a weak or regressed chin, loss of volume in the cheeks and sagging in the jawline area.

What is involved in the treatment?

Precisely targeted dermal fillers are applied to add shape, volume and lift to the desired areas and achieve a great natural looking result.

How long will results last?

You can expect the results of our Face Sculpting procedures to last for around 6 to 12 months, after which you may wish to return for a refresher treatment. We can advise you further about this when you attend your consultation.

Before any treatment, Manara patients see one of our Aesthetic experts to determine the best product and treatment options

The Manara Method

“We’ll work closely with you to agree realistic goals and appropriate sculpting approaches to achieve the results you want”

Dr. Eithne BrennerAesthetic Doctor & Medical Director of Manara Skin Clinics


A guide price for this treatment starts from €795. Your exact treatment cost will be confirmed at your consultation based on your individual needs.

Before and after

Before your treatment

Before you come for your treatment, please read our standard preparation advice. There is no specific additional preparation required for this treatment.

Following your treatment

The recovery time for this treatment should be a day or less, although this will vary between different patients. When you come for your consultation we will discuss this with you in more detail.

What our patients think?

  • “Very welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, but most of all you don’t feel rushed when discussing your treatment.”

  • “I was with Dr Eithne and she was fantastic. I would highly recommend her services.”


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