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Thin Lips

Patients in their 20s most often have issues of genetic lip imperfections like asymmetry, thin lips or their expression might appear sad or angry. Patients of this age tend to love the look of fuller lips. 

In their 30s, patients can suffer a loss of collagen and elastin, which results in thinning and drying of the lips.

As the patient enters their 40s, the area around the lips, laugh lines and corners of the mouth also change. The expression of the patient appears to change. In this age group, it’s all about restoration.

In their 50s and beyond, a loss of collagen, fat and bone in the mid-face will greatly affect the shape of the mouth. For these patients, the distance between the nose and the border at the top of the upper lip gets longer and with that comes the need to recreate the Cupid’s bow and the vertical grooves above the upper lip to restore the youthful anatomy of the lips.

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What treatments can Manara offer for Thin Lips?