Glo910+® anti-cellulite liporeductor


The “orange peel” is an aesthetic reflection of what is really happening inside the
body. Liquids retention and poor elimination of toxins, affect the function of blood vessels. The connective tissue becomes rigid when losing elasticity, pulling the skin down, showing a paddle nodular effects as a result of fat cells size increase.

Glo910+ acts directly on the causes that produces cellulite, which are resistant to diets and exercise. 10 min a day is enough to activate the lymphatic circulation, allowing the body to eliminate fats and toxins in a natural and painless way.


Glo910+® anti-cellulite liporeductor:

Slim TECH® – Light energy (phototherapy) penetrates into different levels of skin stimulating the collagen. ANTI-FLABBINESS

Accessories include:

CELLU-ACTIVE – Release of fatty deposits, smoothes away cellulite

Action: Anti-cellulite, body volume reducing and remodelling.
It provides an authentic fat-burning massage, based on the kneading technique, which reduces fat and tones the muscles.
It allows specific treatment for abdominal fat to achieve a flat belly effect, a thin waist and a firmer skin.
RRP 39,99€

CELLU-DETOX – Drain massage. Oils and creams.

Action: Acts on the most painful cellulitis, activates the lymphatic draining, and overcomes the flabbiness on the arms and thighs.
Reduces the body volume, through powerful lymphatic drainage. Can be used with OILS and CREAMS to enhance the results.
Indicated after practicing sport, to release the muscles after exercise. RRP 39,99€

BODY-BRUSH – Dry exfoliation

Action: dry brushing stimulates circulation, tones, exfoliates, smoothes and revitalizes the skin.
Drags the dead cells and impurities until healthy skin emerges to the surface. Removes small pimples, encysted hairs, knees roughness, elbows ….
RRP 39,99€

SOFT-MASSAGE – Massage on delicate areas.

Action: Therapeutic treatment and Wellness.
Designed to treat the most delicate parts of the body: neckline, varicose veins legs … Relaxing massages and foot reflexology.
Relieves muscle pain: ideal for the cervical areas. The softness of the massage sponges produces a vibration and together with the rotating movement, releases the pain gently kneading the area.
RRP 39,99€

Luxury cosmetic bag

Power regulator – Luminous indicator
Large active treatment surface – 3m power cord
Exclusive Smart & Silent Motor – Deep subdermal massage
Safety – Auto-off after 20 minutes
Comfort System – to easily attach and remove the massage heads
Ready in 10 min! – The large treatment surface makes saving time.