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Forehead and Frown Lines

One of the most expressive and flexible parts of our faces, our foreheads do a huge amount of work in communicating meaning and emotion when we speak. Repeatedly smiling, frowning, or squinting can lead to fine lines and wrinkles at a younger age.

Each time a person uses a facial muscle, a groove forms under the surface of the skin.

When a person is young, the skin springs back, but as they get older, the skin loses its flexibility. Springing back becomes harder and less frequent, resulting in more permanent grooves.

People who work in the sunlight have a higher chance of early wrinkles. Jobs that involve this type of exposure include fishing and farming. Sailors, golfers, beach lifeguards, and gardeners may also be more prone to skin aging.

Regular smoking accelerates the aging process of skin, because of the reduced blood supply to the skin. Alcohol dehydrates the skin, and dry skin is more likely to wrinkle.

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