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Flat Butt

A flat backside results from several factors, including genetics and aging. Your genes dictate the general shape of your buttocks. Younger women store fat in their bottom during younger years causing a fuller appearance. Hormonal changes occur during the aging process that shift fat storage from the rear end to the stomach. The result can be a flat backside that doesn’t fill out clothing.

So genetics and female aging are the main contributors to a flat butt. Menopause causes lower levels of estrogen, which decreases the amount of fat stored in the buttocks. A sedentary lifestyle can cause your body to lose muscle mass and impact your posture. Sitting with poor ergonomics for a long period of time, such as sitting with a rounded spine and hunched shoulders, can lead to a flatter butt.

Your buttocks are composed of three muscle groups — gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus that are collectively called the glutes. These muscles attach to your pelvic bone. The shape of your pelvis determines the general shape of your butt. A wider pelvis results in a wider rear end. A tall pelvis looks squarish and long in contrast. The fat under the skin, called subcutaneous fat, is also a critical factor. Women have a greater percentage of body fat than men due to their estrogen levels.

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What treatments can Manara offer for a Flat Butt?